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Metal Analyzer for Ambient Air

ElvaX PmX-5050 is a Continuous Particulate Matter XRF Analyzer intended for online elemental analysis of heavy metals in the ambient air.

Previous solutions for PM monitoring were able to analyze only the total amount of particles in the air. But for a complete understanding of health impact and air pollution source elemental analysis of PM is necessary.

Particulate matter’s presence in the air and its overall accumulation in the environment are the subjects of growing public concern, especially in the manufacturing facilities, plants, and factories surrounding areas. It is vital to measure and assess the PM concentration in the air to prevent any possible harm to natural resources, people residing in such areas and overall environmental deterioration of the region.

Typical Applications:

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Study of health hazards due to metal
  • Brake Dust Measurement
  • Environmental Impact Assessment by Mining and metal manufacturing organisations
  • Environmental measures by analyzing mass and metal concentrations

Continuous analysis is more informative than a single measurement, as it can provide an average over a long period of time, content of harmful elements and fluctuations in their content. This spectrometer has the minimum detection limits as given in below table.

On-line Continuous Metal Analyzer

Continuous On-line Metal Analyzer

*As a “standard” set of elements of interest, the ElvaX PmX 5050 will be equipped to report the given 36 elements and of course, the elements can be tailored specifically to the user’s needs as well.