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Environmental Dust Monitors

Environmental Dust Monitors are PM measuring systems that measure the particle number, size distribution, and ultrafine airborne particles. On the basis of this precision measurement, various dust mass fractions are calculated (e.g. PM10, PM2.5, PM-1, inhalable, thoracic and alveolar fraction, etc.). Our wide-range measuring devices (EDM 264 is not a wide-range device) include optical aerosol spectrometers, condensation particle counters, and SMPS+C systems and cover the entire size range of aerosol particles from 5 nanometers to 35 micrometers.

Two aerosol generators and a range of aerosol neutralizers for use with (neutralizers are used with the SMPS systems only)our wide-range measuring device round off our product portfolio in the area of fine dust for the scientific sector and for use in comparative and efficiency tests.

Portable Aerosol Spectrometer /Dust Monitor

The model 11-D, in its compact and rugged design, combines all advantages of the previous portable GRIMM aerosol spectrometers with improved optical detection, long-term battery operation, and facilitated handling.

This configuration places the 11-D in the leading position of the portable aerosol spectrometers for monitoring inhalable, thoracic, and respirable dust, PM values, and particle number concentration.

The 11-D is the optimal solution for reliable, flexible, and real-time measurements for aerosol research and indoor air quality, e. g. at workplaces, the interior of vehicles, or for process analysis.

EDM 264

The EDM 264 is the optimal solution for both short- and long-term, mobile measurements in outdoor areas and at production sites. The model EDM264 features a powerful and robust measuring cell based on optical particle counting (OPC) technology with all the advantages that users of our portable aerosol spectrometers are accustomed to.

This versatile instrument performs real-time monitoring of particle number and particle size and provides information on particle surface distribution and dust mass distribution. The EDM264 is a world-leading instrument for precise monitoring of dust masses, particle surfaces and particle number concentrations.

This reliable instrument is an indispensable tool for users, who need to measure aerosol concentrations and air quality outdoors, on construction sites, or at production facilities.

EDM 665

The EDM 665 Environmental Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometer combines two technologies for particle counting and classifying in one device: the Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS+C) with the butanol-based condensation particle counter for nanoparticles and the approved EDM 180 for the larger fraction.

Designed and specifically built for atmospheric monitoring, the EDM 665 is a unique high-tech system for accurate and highly resolved measurements over the entire particle size range from 5 nm to 32 μm in 31 size channels for EDM 180 and user selectable number of channels for SMPS+C (e. g. 64 per decade).