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We set our client's equipment in place and train the relevant team. Our engineers are factory trained taking the command of Installation and Commissioning services along with complete operational training along with important tips about the operation for the hardware and software are explained by our team.

Our operational training programs allow our clients to access the wide knowledge arc about the newest achievements in present-day analytics. We provide training modules that cover topics such as system theory, maintenance and operation in detail.

Calibration Services

The Corrective Maintenance and Calibration Services of AlfaTech offer high-quality, cost-effective repairs and replacement parts. Our support team is always readily available for assisting you with all types of troubleshooting.

Our in-house calibration facility ensures that you do not need to send your devices out of India for calibration.

Maintenance Contracts

Maintaining a rigorously used device needs frequent inspections of different parts compared to the units which are occasionally operated. It is essential to have annual maintenance contracts to keep your analytical equipment in perfect working condition to give the desired results. Our after-sales support throughout the lifetime of the instrument provides customers with dedicated and personalized support to ensure instruments maintain maximized uptime and optimized productivity.

Spare Parts and Consumables

Sudden breakdowns of valuable machines, needs to be replaced with genuine spare parts. But not everyone can get trusted and genuine spare parts and users spend a huge amount without getting the desired results. Knowing the demands and needs of the industry, AlfaTech has brought a wide range of spare parts and consumables to quickly replace corrupt parts.

AlfaTech offers the right time, the perfect level of competence, and support tailored precisely to suit users’ various requirements. We are one of the most trusted brands of the region.