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Real-Time Bioaerosol Monitor

Rapid-E+ is an intelligent bioaerosol sensor that analyses single aerosol particles in real time using patented, proprietary laser technology.

It is also the only instrument with integrated intelligence through GPU (graphics processing unit) acceleration. It allows much faster data acquisition and processing, bringing game-changing performance to aerosol tracking and identification in complex environments.

Rapid-E+ continuously measures and characterizes any airborne particle ranging between 0.3 and 100 micrometers, including bacteria, fungal spores, viruses, pollen, and other aerosols. Proven by years of uninterrupted measurements, Plair’s technology, which is based on a unique combination of scattered light pattern analysis and fluorescence spectroscopy, enables researchers to reliably monitor ambient air in real time. Rapid-E+ operates autonomously and remotely, allowing access to data anywhere and anytime.

  • Real-time pollen counting
  • Bacteria and Fungal spore detection
  • Particulate Matter monitoring
  • Virus aerosol research
  • Pollen Classification
  • Detection of Starch Particles in Ambient Air
  • Allergen study affecting human health
  • Bronchitis Risk assessment