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Dust Samplers

Recently, a great deal of attention has been focused on the sampling of toxic substances in the form of organic vapors and particulate. Such decrees require the closest monitoring of all the substances present in the external Environmental and particularly harmful to human beings, such as fine particles (PM10 and PM2,5), micropollutants (IPA, PCDD, PCDF), ozone and relevant precursors (VOC and formaldehyde), metals.

Gravimetric dust monitoring is the most used technique for monitoring dust particles in ambient air and it involves sampling a known volume of ambient air through a filter. The filters are weighed before and after exposure to determine the mass of particles. The collected dust sample is expressed as the mass of dust (mg) per cubic meter (m3) of air. Continuous measurement of particulate emission concentrations which, for a defined range of application conditions, can be calibrated against isokinetic gravimetric test samples (Standard Reference Method). Dust Samplers of different configurations play a pivotal role in this measurement technique. AlfaTech Services provides devices used to monitor air and workplace parameters, Environmental and chimney emission control. Our constant pursuit is to provide optimal solutions to the Indian research fraternity for making more and more reliable sampling.

HVS PM 2.5 (High Volume Sampler)

The Air Flow PM-HVS high volume sampling line includes an instrument thoroughly compliant with requirements of norm UNI-EN 14907 for sampling of PM2.5 particles.This system is equipped with an electronic flow control with a Venturi system in accordance with norm ISO 5167 for the measurement of flow rate with a differential pressure devices and the detection of pressure on 4 sector points for maximum result accuracy and reliability.

HVS PM 10 (High Volume Sampler)

High volume sampler for a sampling of PM10 particles with 1.27 m3-minute suction flow in accordance with norm UNI-EN 12341 (reference sampler) and with US EPA CFR 40 part 50.11. When used with the aid of simple adapter kits, they can be replaced between one sampler and another for simple, versatile use. All sampling phase settings are electronically programmed. Samplings can be set by time, volume, and cyclical sampling, from quadrant sector sampling. All detected data are stored in the memory and transferred to a PC or to an optional local printer with RS and USB ports, with the possibility of remote GSM/GPRS control (optional).

Dustcheck DPM 1

The Dustcheck DPM-1 is a compact sampling device with one filter in full compliance of EU EN-12341 on PM10 and PM2,5 requirements. The Dustcheck DPM-1 is also available to US-EPA method CFR-40. The system designed for a single filter holder support. Based with a powerful aspirating diaphragm pump (the EPA version has built in a single head diaphragm pump) that allows the system to perform sampling in a constant flow option to compensate any pressure drop coming from overload samples. The new microprocessor capabilities allow the user to select and store in the memory up to three different programs with sampling settings ready to start.

DustCheck DPM 16 (Sequential Sampler)

The sequential sampler for PM10 and PM2,5 particles consist of a system contained in an epoxy-coated, climate-resistant aluminum structure including a sampling unit, flow controller, and precision mechanical components for the handling of up to sixteen 47mm filters, housed in inert-material filter holders. It is provided with a twin-head vacuum pump, with a free blowing air volume of up to 50 l/min capable of maintaining the sampling conditions constantly to 38,3 l/min in accordance with regulation.

The DustCheck DPM16 sequential sampler consists of two compartments, physically separated and insulated with innovative polyurethane closed-cell materials. The reference standard requires the temperature of the sampled filters to be kept to a value not exceeding 23°C. This feature is capable of adjusting and keeping the temperature constant in the storage compartment of the sampled filters, allowing filters to be properly preserved at the desired conditions.

Air Cube Basic

Air Cube® Basic is an Environmental sampler system for fixed-positioned sampling. It is suitable for total dust, breathable dust, noxious gases, and toxic vapors dispersed in the air and chimney samples. The sturdy compact container in aluminum alloy light has been painted with epoxy powders, in order to be used even in the most severe atmospheric conditions. The device is equipped with a single head membrane, a compensator able to cover pulsations free blowing flow between 0.2 to 25 liters per minute.

Combined particulate LVS Impactor (Portable Air Sampler)

The PM10 and PM2,5 US EPA sampling inlet is a part of a new field portable sampling system combined with a constant flow rate AirCube Sampler. The PM inlet is manufactured in full compliance with US EPA requirements available in the reference method. Fully manufactured in anodized aluminum for outdoor applications and is available optionally with the ambient temperature sensor.